Science interactive
Science Interactive is an organization that promotes the study
and respecting of the earth’s biospheric systems to increase
the quality of life
Winston Huff, CPD, LEED® AP is a project manager, plumbing fire protection designer and
Sustainable Coordinator and President of Science interactive.  He is also a regular contributor to

Plumbing System and Design Magazine (PS&D)
on columns and
articles covering the future in plumbing technology on earth and space.  He is a frequent speaker
covering LEED and environmental water issues and is the founding editor of Life Support and
Biosphere Science an academic journal and has served as its editor-in-chief. Huff is president of
Science Interactive, an organization promoting Biosphere Science (
He can be reached at

Mr. Huff has served in the following positions:

Member of the US Green Building Council (USGBC.ORG) Water Efficiency Technical Advisory
Conference Chair for the Life Support and Biosphere Science Third Symposium
Exhibition Chair for the Biovintions Exhibit at Walt Disney World Epcot Center - An exhibit
highlighting Biospherics to the general public.
Founding Editor and Editor-in-Chief of Life Support and Biosphere Science - An academic
journal covering Biospherics.

Published in the following publications:

Journal of Green Building
Life Support and Biosphere Science
Plumbing Systems and Design Magazine
Waste Management and Research
Plumbing Engineer
Plumbing and Mechanical Connection (Australia)
Waste Age Magazine
ASHRAE Show Journal

Webinars include:
Green Building Series – “How To” Achieve Water Efficiency Credits Mar 02 2007

Presentations on Biospherics at the following national conferences:

American Society of Plumbing Engineers
Life Support and Biosphere Science First, Second and Third Symposium