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Me Green You Green (MGUG) offers a unique opportunity to reach people seeking the solutions you
provide.  MGUG provides reliable specific information for people looking for green building solutions.  As a
sponsor you can focus your efforts on the people looking for your solutions in your particular area of the

MGUG sponsorship lists your organization's name and contact information along with peer reviewed
articles.  MGUG viewers include homeowners, architects, engineers, builders, operators, suppliers,
sustainable coordinators, activists, policy makers, providers, regulators and concerned citizens looking for
solutions you can provide.

Your sponsorship provides your organization's name and contact information on the right hand side of the
page you choose to sponsor.  During the pilot development stage of the publication your listing costs
$200 for one of the Category Pages (Energy, Site, Water, Materials & Resources, Indoor Environmental
Quality and Innovations in Design) and will be listed until January 1, 2011.  The first listing received will be
listed on the top of the page.  The listing will go down the page in the order they were received.  There will
be a limit of 10 listings on each page.

The sponsorship listing is limited to 50 characters, including spaces and contact information.  The intent is
to list your organization's name and website or email address.  For sponsorship, click on the buy now
button above or send these items by email or US mail.

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and in presentations at Green Build,
WaterSmart Innovations, Weftec and Internet search
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