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Energy-efficient plumbing technologies of the future

Solar thermal air conditioning and other Holy Grail technologies of the future.


Retrofitting plumbing fixtures in existing buildings for water efficiency

Water efficient technologies that can be used in existing buildings and female urinal update PE March 2012


How NSF 350 Helps Plumbing Engineers Address the Growing Concern About Water

Water system standards for graywater and rainwater harvesting system in NSF 350


LEED Credits for Healthcare

Water efficient technologies for Healthcare facilities PSD Oct 2011


Water-efficiency Manuals Help Organizations and Cities Save Water

New York City develops water manual for water efficient city buildings PSD Sep 2011


New Heat Pump Water Heaters and Solar Pumps Can Reduce Energy Use

Heat pump water heater technology can reduce energy use and selecting the proper pump for a solar thermal hot water system PSD June 2011


What You Can Learn During a Long, Cold Night in Denmark

Demark’s energy efficient district energy system. PSD April 2011

Does Your Water System Engage in Social Networking?
Water Dashboards and monitoring water efficiency on social sites such as Facebook. PSD Dec 2010
Solar Water Heaters The basics on Solar Water heaters PSD Nov 2010
Waste Mining: How Today’s Plumbing Engineers Can Design for
Tomorrow’s Piped Urine Systems
- Future buildings may have a separate
piped system to collect Urine.  What can building professions include in buildings
so these systems can be installed in the future.  PSD Sep 2010
Net-zero, Off-the-Grid, and Regenerative Buildings Ways that buildings can
be net-zero water today and in the future. PSD - July and Aug 2010
Alternate Building Water Systems   Alternate water systems in a building that
can reuse water and reduce wastewater.  PSD Mar 2010
Changes in LEED 2009 for Plumbing Fixtures and Process Water – New
LEED baseline – toilets – faucets – shower – Process Water – Garbage
Disposals – Clothes Washers – dishwasher – Ice Machine – food steamers 0906
PSD W Huff
Green Build 2009 Presentation - Getting the Waste out of Water and the
Water out of Waste
-Tools for the Building Professional - Waste mining and
Decentralized Waste Water Systems
Water Efficiency and Code Changes – The Green Column - Waterless Urinals-
submeters-faucets-once through cooling-cooling towers-drinking fountains-dual
flush-irrigation-stormwater 0905 PS+D W Huff
Water Efficiency and Hospitals – Pharmaceuticals in Waste – Aggressive +
Moderate Approach – strategies - GGHC – Energy Star - Fixtures – toilets –
faucets – showers – Dual flush – cooling tower – Green Masterplan – meter –
food service - 0906 - PSD – W Huff
Dual Flush: A Vote for Water Conservation – What designers need to know
about Dual Flush water closets - PS+D W Huff
Using Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures to Obtain LEED Credits - PS+D W Huff
A River Runs Through Us – Design issue with non water urinals - PSD - W Huff

Home Systems
Hot Water Time to Tap – Reducing water
and energy use with efficient domestic hot
water recirculation systems.

PSD – Plumbing Systems and Design Magazine

PE – Plumbing Engineer Magazine –



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